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Mutual funds

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Mutual funds

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MORE is a public investment house, established more than a decade to provide an opportunity to make a quality investments ensuring personal, professional and discrete service.


We specialize in investment portfolio management for private and institutional clients, investment management for mutual funds, and alternative investments (Hedge Fund).


Our customers have chosen MORE due to the fact that we strictly adhere to our high values and standards.

We invite you to a personal meeting where we can present to you our way of giving you MORE.


For us uncompromised investment management and professionalism is a MUST. For that reason, our investment managers are among the most highly-experienced market experts.

Full Transparency and Personal Attention

The clients know who their investment manager is!

Our investment managers are responsible for a limited number of portfolios, offering our clients personal attention and dedicated care while maintaining fair management costs.

Responsible Investment Management

Our main purpose is to preserve your money! Doing so, we conduct an in-depth study of each investment channel. MORE Investment House has a Research Department conducting thorough analyses of stock and bond markets both in Israel and worldwide. MORE specializes in investment management and does not engage in underwriting, brokerage (buying and selling securities) and is not a member of the Stock Market, as these activities are likely to create conflict of interests.

We put our experience at your disposal while personally tailoring the investment structure taking your needs and personal preferences into consideration. We also handle whatever required vis-à-vis your bank without the need to bother you, and update you with developments in your investment.

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Our mutual funds invest in a variety of channels, in both the local and international markets. We believe that our funds are managed to comply with the nature, needs and preferences of every investor. Our mutual funds are active for over a decade and have shown performances even during capital market crises*.

MORE Mutual Funds
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The knowledge, experience and robustness of MORE Capital Markets networking, have allowed us to offer you a wide variety of services in the field of capital raising, investment banking, value appraisals, etc.

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