MORE alternative investments – Hedge fund

MORE Capital Market manages the hedge fund of MORE Alternative Investments. The hedge fund is intended for institutional investors, qualified investors and private investors who are interested in medium and long-term investments.

MORE Alternative Investments is a limited Israeli partnership specializing in pricing issues and implementing special strategies in the Israeli bond market. The Fund operates to maximize profits by using various hedging strategies with high-rated bonds, including Long/Short.


Fund management integrates trade methods with traditional investments, for the purpose of hedging risks as much as possible and reducing correlation and dependence on occurrences in the capital market – aspiring that in any market situation, the hedge-fund clients would enjoy good returns on their investments.


The Hedge Fund is managed by Jonathan Moran in complete transparency and under a declared risk-management policy, with an aim to achieve a 6% yield (after commissions and before tax) each and every year.


MORE Alternative Investments follows the High Watermark principle with no Catch Up mechanism. The rate of success fees stands at about 20% of the profit above the 6% net yield for the customer.

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