More Magna A.M

("More Magna"or "Firm") is a full solution provider in foreign securities for institutional clients both locally and abroad.

The firm, which was established in 2004, is providing various services to a wide array of institutions including banks, investment houses, insurance companies, provident and pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds and family offices.

In January 2019, More Magna (previously Magna Asset Management Ltd) was acquired by Y.D More Investments Ltd (Bloomberg Ticker: MRIN IT).


Foreign Fixed Income Desk

More Magna’s foreign fixed income desk has been actively involved in the Global Fixed Income markets for over 15 years. Our constant search for the best investment opportunities spans from the highest-ranking segments of the Fixed Income universe, such as the SSA and Covered markets, down to the various sectors of the corporate market. Our daily activities consist of designing investment strategies, from the building up of portfolios and down to specific bond picking, on the one hand, and on the other hand executing the aforementioned strategies. We then ensure active trading routines such as portfolio rebalancing, reaction to market-moving developments or company specific events.

More Magna enjoys a wide network of over a hundred counterparties around the globe, with whom we maintain active trading lines. This ensures state-of-the-art execution both from sourcing and pricing perspectives. The desk has also gained strong expertise in implementing and executing large transactions, relying notably on strong fundamental research coming from our internal research department or emanating from our multiple partnerships with world’s leading research providers.

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Foreign Equities Desk

The foreign equities desk provides trading and research services in a wide range of markets – Europe, Asia Pacific, USA and Latin America. The desk’s trading queries are being handled by foreign bank, one of the world’s ten largest banking institutions by assets, and rated A1 / A / A+ by Moody’s / S&P / Fitch.  The bank is regulated by the relevant market authorities in the USA, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America and is a member in most of the stock exchanges globally. The desk also relies on the services of other highly rated banks. Moreover, the desk enjoys partnerships with three leading international research providers, each of them being a recognized market leader in its specific geography (US, Europe, Asia) in order to maximize value creation.

Research department

More Magna’s research department generates periodical reports, economical analysis and trade ideas along with timely updates and analysis on market moving developments. The department provides macroeconomic research on the global financial markets together with microeconomic reports on hundreds of listed companies which are part of the world’s leading indices. The department is also regularly solicited for bespoke, tailor-made reports and participation in Investment Committees and Board meetings.

More Magna enjoys collaboration with several foreign research companies providing us with in-depth analysis.

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The company’s managers enjoy a long track record of successful managing experience at prestigious financial institutions in Israel.


More Magna A.M collaborates with market-leading banks, primary dealers, Stock Exchange members and leading research companies, providing the company with competitive pricing, advanced trading and settlement systems along with professional and quality execution. Moreover, the company and its partners hold a sophisticated research infrastructure, supporting analysis on specific companies, sectors and live updates on global market trends.


More Magna A.M is part of More Investment Group, a publicly-listed company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) since July 2017. More Investment Group manages assets in Mutual Funds, Provident Funds, Hedge Funds and Investment Portfolios.


The More Investment Group has an internal audit officer, working along with external audit experts. The More Investment Group also works according to established internal procedures, matching the requirements of the relevant regulators and the provisions of law. Those include, but are not limited to, provisions of Israel’s Securities Authority (ISA) and the Stock Exchange on topics such as conflicts of interests, handling of errors, fair and non-discriminating treatment of customers etc.