Mutual funds

MORE Mutual Funds offers variety of funds in different investment channels, so investors may choose the mutual funds most suitable for their needs and character.


A mutual fund is a financial investment tool enabling mutual investment of investors in the local or international capital markets. Investment management of the funds is led by the Company’s CEO, Eli Levi, jointly with fund managers and analysts who are highly experienced in the capital market.



When managing mutual funds, our aim is to focus on specific, diversified and unique investment options. Therefore, we see to it that each of our funds is managed in the most professional and responsible way, emphasizing long-term investments based on extensive research and continuous tracking.


Consequently, our professionals specialize in corporation analysis. We study each sector and company thoroughly, and invest in them only when the entire required data is at our disposal. All of this contribute to the organic and stable growth of MORE Mutual Funds, which has proven itself for years.

The above does not constitute recommendation to purchase units of mutual funds managed by MORE Mutual Fund Management (2013) Ltd. The purchase of units will be carried out based on a valid prospectus and immediate reports only. The above does not constitute a substitute for investment marketing that takes into account the investor’s specific data and needs.

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