Our Products

Provident and Pension

More Provident Funds offers a range of long-term savings plans with various risk levels. The company manages provident funds, study funds and investment provident funds, and is one of the provident fund managemers selected by the Securities, Insurance and Savings Authority and the National Insurance Institute to manage Children’s Provident Savings Funds. It also won the Finance Ministry tender for a government recommended pension fund.

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Mutual Funds

More Mutual Funds offers funds that invest in a variety of strategies. In mutual fund management, we focus on specific, diverse and unique investment options. With an emphasis on long-term growth, we  ensure that each of our funds is managed in the most professional and responsible manner, relying on in-depth research, strict risk management and long-term monitoring.

Investment Portfolio Management

More's portfolio management company offers investment management services to private clients, industry funds and many institutional entities. Investment management is facilitated through our extensive, accumulated experience, our advanced analysis and research capabilities and with full transparency regarding management of the investment portfolio. More's investment managers are all licensed from Israeli Securities Authority, and have many years of collective experience successfully navigating through both bullish and bearish markets.

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Private Investment Funds

More Private Investment Funds offers qualified investors a range of investment funds, carefully selected through the vetting of hundreds of investment ideas and opportunities by More Investments over the years.

More Magna

The company was established in 2004 and provides services to a variety of qualified clients, including banks, investment houses, insurance companies, provident funds, pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, family offices and others. In January 2019, More Magna (formerly: Magna Est Management Ltd.) was acquired by the More Investments Group. More Magna specializes in a variety of financial services in foreign securities for institutional bodies and eligible clients in Israel and abroad. Trading services are performed via an active trading room that operates for most of the day or by secure trading systems that include direct access to international stock exchanges and which  provide the option to view the status of balances and movements at any time. The company's customers enjoy full operational transparency in the execution of operations, alongside professional service and comprehensive and in-depth international research.