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Managing private investment portfolios

When opening a portfolio with MORE, our clients are invited to a meeting with an investment manager who holds a license from the Israel Securities Authority (ISA). The purpose of this meeting is to study and get to know the client’s personal investment preferences, personal goals and needs, and to formulate the investment policy in the portfolio. The investment manager keeps continuous contact with our clients and updates them with every change and development relevant to their portfolio.

Portfolios of predefined investment payable bonds

Investment in bonds enables to diversify the investment portfolio and increase investment spread. There are multiple possibilities of investment in bonds, where risk level ranges according to client needs. On opening a portfolio of payable bonds we define, jointly with our clients, the profile of bonds suitable for both the investment amount and personal goals.

Managing foreign-currency investment portfolios

Investing in foreign currency is yet another opportunity to diversify the portfolio and be exposed to various types of financial products from all over the globe. However, the challenge is how to do it even when another market, rather than the investor’s home market, is concerned. Some of MORE’s investment managers specialize in foreign currency investments with decades of accumulated experience.

Halachic investment portfolios in cooperation with the halachic economic institute headed by Rabbi Aryeh Dvir

Investment portfolios preserving the laws of the Halacha are also managed by us – under the supervision of the Halachic Economic Institute headed by Rabbi Aryeh Dvir.


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Thanks to the proven experience of MORE Investment House and its characteristic personal service, many institutions and corporations have chosen us to manage their plant provident funds. We guarantee compatibility between the composition of investments in the Fund and the institution's vision, as well as taking the desirable degree of risk according to the data and nature of each and every organization.


We manage cash surpluses for our institutional customers based on their cash-flow forecasts, weighing of different restrictions (e.g. applying to local authorities) and investment ranges.

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