Mutual funds management – Our way



We believe in a long-term1 investment policy and a responsible, professional and transparent financial management. Our considerations include the financial situation and current conditions, but are not tempted by market fads or economic adventures. All investments in the mutual funds under our management take into consideration the long run alongside financial creativity and professional service.


The best proof of our focus on the longterm investments is the multiple number of funds we have been managing throughout the years, with no substantial change in investment policy, while concurrently enabling our clients to enjoy a long-term2 and stable investment channel for over a decade now1.




Over the years we have formulated a quality team of fund managers, consisting of highly experienced managers who specialize in different segments of the capital market.


Our managers are well familiar with companies in the market. They are assisted by our experienced research department in analyzing the market and obtaining the most updated and comprehensive picture – enabling them to carefully choose which securities should be purchased for the clients.


Choosing the companies for investment is primarily made based on uncompromising parameters of quality management, growth potential, financial capital, attractive pricing and analysis of the company’s debt.

The above does not constitute recommendation to purchase units of mutual funds managed by MORE Mutual Fund Management (2013) Ltd. The purchase of units will be carried out based on a valid prospectus and immediate reports only. The above does not constitute a substitute for investment marketing that takes into account the investor’s specific data and needs. The fund’s past yields do not guarantee a similar return in the future. (1) Most funds are managed along the years with no significant change in the investment policy. It should be mentioned that MORE Mutual Fund Management (2013) Ltd. started operating as a fund manager on August 5, 2013. Prior to that date the funds were managed by another fund manager. The above does not imply a commitment to maintain a fixed policy in the funds. (2) The above does not imply a commitment to maintain a fixed policy in the funds in a sweeping manner. *According to the Fund Manager’s estimate.

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